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on 11/25/2021

I love this podcast so much. Each episode is only a few minutes long and I look forward to listening in the morning. Tons of different advice, so any given episode could range from small topics to majorly important themes as we go through our lives. Zak is a wonderful interviewer and host. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/3/2021

I adore the short format. Great advice. I’ve listened for over a year and I recommend it as a benefit to your life. Again the short format is brilliant view on Apple Podcasts

on 9/8/2021

Love this advice about advice! Thank you view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/11/2021

Best 5 minutes you’ll spend all day. It’ll leave you with a smile or a thought to ponder. Either way, you will be better off for having tuned in. view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/25/2021

Wonderful human interest stories, and funky music to boot! view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/9/2021

I love this podcast SO much! Whenever I feel like I need motivation or am down this podcast always makes me happy! ❤️❤️❤️ view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/5/2021

Can’t stop listening! Going back to episode one and playing ALL. This podcast is simply and brilliant. LOVE IT! view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/29/2021

This deceptively-simple thing is so full of what you need. Do not pass it by. view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/20/2021

I recently moved to Detroit, and the Best Advice Show is keeping me company and introducing me to people around the city. I’m grateful for the insights and approachable wisdom each guest offers. This show always brings a smile to my face. Highly recommend! view on Apple Podcasts

on 3/18/2021

A short-form show that finds intresting people to give good advice. Sometimes profound, sometimes simple, sometimes fun, sometimes all three, an excellent show to have in your feed. view on Apple Podcasts

on 3/1/2021

I’m so glad this podcast exists. I’ve learned so many good tips from lovely, interesting people view on Apple Podcasts

on 2/24/2021

Zac is an awesome guy, and I loved being on his show. He is a great conversation and full of useful advice. Definitely recommend! Keep it up, man! view on Apple Podcasts

on 2/6/2021

This podcast, at once, simple, profound, quirky, soulful, practical and transcendent, reminds me that we all have wisdom and skills to share and by doing so we make life more joyful, tasty, just, meaningful, and fulfilling. view on Apple Podcasts

on 1/26/2021

This podcast is so good. Truly a must listen. Genuine, funny, relatable. So we’ll done, had to share with all my favorite folks!! view on Apple Podcasts

on 1/24/2021

This is a terrific podcast!! view on Apple Podcasts

on 1/13/2021

I really like it I do. view on Apple Podcasts

on 12/27/2020

Wise. Funny. Useful. Charming. Zak is a generous and companionable host and it’s always a pleasure to hear his guests offer their advice. Makes me smile every time. view on Apple Podcasts

on 12/25/2020

I actual listen to this podcast everyday... I’m not very good at being consistent but this podcast helps me to be better at it. It could be because each episode is so short but each episode does have good advices being given by others.. I totally love listening ❤️❤️❤️... Oh my gosh I was surprised on Saturday to see an available episode.. now you say it’s was an accident.. kinda funny though!! Christmas Episode: Loved ur letter to the year 2020..gave me a chuckle. view on Apple Podcasts

on 12/23/2020

Always brightens my day! Love the quality of the editing, Zach’s voice, the democratization of guests, and the intro music view on Apple Podcasts

on 12/13/2020

It took listening to a few to really get into this podcast but then I fell in love with it. There are so so many gems that genuinely have improved my life. I find myself sending episodes to friends and family all the time because it makes me think of them and it offers me a sweet moment of connection. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/20/2020

Awesomely curated brief segments that share the collective wisdom of humanity. Curious. Genuine. Great for a binge while out for a walk. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/18/2020

Love this podcast! Such a great variety of really thought provoking pieces that make you reflect, balanced by sillier just for fun bits, and some just practical good advice. I listen to 1-2 episodes when I wake up each day or at night when I’m getting ready for bed, and it’s just the perfect bite-sized way to add a bit of thoughtfulness to your day. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/17/2020

This show makes me so happy. It’s like little delicious snacks of a podcast. Episodes are wildly different from each other, but often life changing. And Zak is so warm and dear. Hanging out with him while you listen will just make you feel good. ❤️ view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/17/2020

I love listening to this when I have little time but need a big boost. The positivity of the host and the generosity of the guests remind me that there are so many good people in the world. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/16/2020

This show always gives me something interesting to contemplate. The advice, whether big or small, can be thought-provoking, unusual, to just plain funny. The episodes are the perfect length for a short car ride or a dog walk. Highly recommend! It’s an excellent show. view on Apple Podcasts

on 11/5/2020

Short (2-3 minute) episodes each weekday, filled with fun, quirky, serious advice on nearly any topic you can think of. I like to save them up then listen to a week's worth at once - but you can easily listen to one a day in the morning, at lunch or whenever you want. The perfect pandemic podcast, for sure. Highly recommend. (Full disclaimer - the creator is my wife's cousin's husband - but writing that out I don't even think they're technically related so it's all good.) view on Apple Podcasts

on 10/29/2020

I love this podcast! When I need a quick break I stand up, pull up a TBAS episode and learn something new. Short, fun, informative, and Zak is a hoot. Everyone needs this in their life! view on Apple Podcasts

on 10/16/2020

This podcast changes my life every day! view on Apple Podcasts

on 10/13/2020

Little stories of what helped someone else that might change your life. I love and recommend this show. I also love the intro music and the host’s soothing voice. view on Apple Podcasts

on 9/21/2020

I always look forward to listening to the new days episode of this podcast. It is a little gem in my morning where I know I can just take time to just listen (it can be challenging to find time for other podcasts while I’m not doing something else) and just enjoy and absorb the moments of wisdom, undistracted. I also love going back and re-listening to this past episodes and better integrate what I’ve learned. Thank you! view on Apple Podcasts

on 9/16/2020

One of my favorite podcasts! A short easy listen every morning that I look forward to every day. Thanks David for sharing information that’s helpful and applicable. view on Apple Podcasts

on 9/14/2020

Short. Engaging. Well produced. The Best Advice Show is my best podcast find to date. Keep the little nuggets of gold coming!! view on Apple Podcasts

on 9/10/2020

I listen to the Best Advice Show from 4-6 pm when my blood sugar seems to be low. It helps me get going on food prep for dinner when I can barely move. I always feel better, uplifted and energized by the calm voices and encouraging advice. view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/31/2020

Short but pithy segments with fun, helpful and surprising advice from listeners or folks from Zak’s life. I listen to several podcasts at a time and when I’m done with all the ones posted so far, I’ll listen daily for that burst of inspiration or just for the sheer enjoyment. Thank you Zak! You’re making a much-appreciated difference in the world. view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/28/2020

I look forward to these daily tips and many have been helpful. Thanks!! view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/20/2020

Enjoy this podcast so much! view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/13/2020

This is the most digestible, life-affirming pod I’ve encountered. view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/11/2020

Great nuggets of useful information in easy to digest 3 to 5 minute bites. view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/7/2020

I often miss the random opportunities to connect with humans I don’t know these days. This podcast delivers advice, but it also provides me with the feeling of overhearing conversations in a coffee shop or other public space. A little dose of human connection and care! view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/29/2020

You know the saying, “you learn something new every day”? Well this show definitely contributes to that. It’s fun to listen to & you can take away some great advice on all different subjects. view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/28/2020

Nice content and continuity. Easy to keep up! view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/28/2020

In a world where there's so much information but often a death of wisdom, The Best Advice Show is consistently curative. Funny, poignant, always interesting, humane and engaging — the best advice show is really the best. I love how bite-sized the episodes are and the diversity of voices, experiences, perspectives, and tidbts folks choose to share. view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/23/2020

I love how this show is structured for daily bites of wisdom, but also how each piece of advice could be stretched out into a whole hour or two of stories and thoughts surrounding it! Thank you Zach! Keep up the good work view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/17/2020

3 minutes in the morning is a delightful and curious way to kick each day off with a good vibe. Never know what you’re gonna get. view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/17/2020

The Sterling episode is my favorite to date. Not to be skipped podcast. view on Apple Podcasts

on 7/15/2020

I rely on it. I get seemingly endless help from it. view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/17/2020

Great podcast! view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/14/2020

Practical. Wise. And attuned to our over-stimulated brains. view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/13/2020

This is just what I need when I’m making coffee in the morning. A dose of wisdom to get my day started. I love it! view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/2/2020

Exactly as producer Zak Rosen promises, like a little vitamin you can take every day. view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/27/2020

I just love this show! These daily snippets are often a perfect antidote to whatever else is going on in the day. It's everyday people offering sound advice in a short soundbite, what's not to enjoy? view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/27/2020

It's become my morning coffee brewing companion view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/23/2020

A great source of information while we relearn how to live our lives. view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/22/2020

My advice? Take this podcast like a morning vitamin and start your day with it. Truly a lovely new ritual in my morning routine. view on Apple Podcasts

on 5/9/2020

I like this podcast because of the useful advice AND because I feel satisfied when I finish an episode from start to finish in 3 minutes or less. My advice - give this podcast a try. view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/26/2020

Best podcast ever in the world view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/25/2020

Perfect to wake up to. No fluff or extra verbiage. Great way to start each day on a positive note. view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/22/2020

Great length, great advice. view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/22/2020

Not a lot of content yet but love the vibe so far! Looking forward to tomorrow. view on Apple Podcasts

on 4/22/2020

Love the format! Short and sweet - giving food for thought for the day ahead. Well done! view on Apple Podcasts

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