"If we're creating this daisy chain of hurt people, it's eventually gonna come back to us."

Show Notes

Rory Uphold is the host of Crimes of the Heart Podcast. She's written/directed the viral web series’ “Only in HelLA” and “This Is Why We’re Single” and she’s sold shows to places like Elite Daily, Sony, Comedy Central, Endemol Shine, Crackle, and FX. Rory was one of the inaugural fellows in the Sundance Institutes “New Voices Lab” and voted top five in Funny or Die’s “Make Em LAFF” competition with the Los Angeles Film Festival. She’s the host and creator of the popular love and dating podcast CRIMES OF THE HEART where she normalizes the everyday struggles and taboos of modern love. When Rory isn’t thriving through awkward social situations she’s making Tiktoks and trying to find her future ex-husband.

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