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Thanking and Planking with Lainey and Brody

Lainey and Brody thank and plank from Metro-Detroit


ZAK: You know me. I'm a sucker for a good morning routine and also the sound of children's voices. So today is a perfect storm of an episode.

BRODY: I'm Brody and I'm 10 years-old.

LAINEY: I'm Lainey and I'm 7 years-old.

ZAK: And my niece and nephew, Lainey and Brody whom you've heard on the show before have this excellent morning routine. It's called Thanking and Planking.

BRODY: It started off where we just started every morning doing a little workout, then my dad gave me and my sister an idea to start naming three things that we're grateful for everyday. And we call it Planks and Thanks and it's something that we do every other morning sometimes and it's just a little workout and something that shows what we're grateful for.

LAINEY: It kind of just like wakes us up. Gets us ready for the day. And shows us how much we should be grateful for all the things we have.

ZAK: And how long have you been practicing this morning routine?

BRODY: Maybe two, three months probably and yeah, just makes us happy. Makes us really thankful and just happy with what we have.

ZAK: Do you find that you come up with new things to be thankful for?

LAINEY: Everyday we can't say, I'm thankful for my couch. I'm thankful for my couch. I'm thankful for my food. I'm thankful for my...we need to see how many things we have and be grateful for everything that we have.

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