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Letting Go with Gary Macko

Gary Macko is a husband and father living in Michigan. To offer your own advice, call Zak @ 844-935-BEST


ZAK: When Gary was a young dad, his son loved playing pots and pans. Everyday, he would take them out, make a big pile, make a mess. And then Gary would come in and clean it up.

GARY: I can't tell you how many times my wife would look at me and laugh because of watching me put the pans and pots away every single night.

ZAK: So your wife understood that it was a kind of fool's errand but you didn't? Is that what you're saying?

GARY: Yeah. Yeah. I mean she had certainly some type of EQ that gave her the ability to step back and realize that, you know, this kid is just having a good time and let him be.

ZAK: And how long did it take you to learn that lesson?

GARY: At least 45-days of solid banging my head into the wall.

ZAK: Yeah.

GARY: And then when that moment came of like, I'm not gonna do this anymore and it's perfectly fine. It was the most amazing revelation. Get out of the way. Let go and enjoy your life. It's tough to be a perfectionist in a world in which we live in. I mean, you might be able to keep that quest for perfection at some level and be able to modestly chase it. But when you put kids into your world that chase or that desired outcome, it doesn't seem to be achievable anymore. Hi, my name is Gary Macko and I'm a husband and a father of three boys.

ZAK: I love this story because Gary pinpoint the moment where he internalized that lesson. Let go. You can't control everything. Perfection doesn't exist. Have you internalized that realization? If so, how'd you do it? Lemme know at BestAdvice.Show.

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