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Saying Yes with Marty Maddin

Marty Maddin is a husband, father and a leadership and performance coach. Tell me your regrets at 844-935-BEST OR


ZAK: Ok, it's July, 1995. Where are you in your life at that point?

MARTY: So, I am in high school and it's summer time and I'm working at a day-camp.

ZAK: And so, in your mind you've got a lot going on?

MARTY: It sounds funny when you say it now, but yes, at the time I thought I was pretty busy with life.

MARTY: I have an older brother and he thought it would be really fun to go to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead. They were playing at Soldier Field and I thought it was a great idea and I thought about it for a day or so and then I just kind of got a little lazy and felt like I was kinda busy with all the different things that I thought were going on at the time and so I told him, you know what, lets just wait until next year. Maybe I'll join you next year. I think he was planning on going either way so he was nice enough to invite me but I kind of told him I was too busy.

ZAK: Is it I don't have the time? I don't want to put the energy into going? What do you think was your headspace then?

MARTY: Probably the biggest thing was I felt like I could just do it at any point in the future so why do it right now.

ZAK: That was July 9th, 1995. Grateful Dead plays at Soldier Field. They open with Touch of Grey. They close with Box of Rain and that ends up being their last show ever. Because one month later...

ARCHIVAL NEWS: Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead guitarist who kept the counter-culture of the 1960s rocking and rolling right into the 90s died today in California. He was 53.

MARTY: It was a crazy moment because I was on the bus working when I found out that he passed away and I really did have a moment of, oh my gosh, I blew it. That can never happen. I can never get that chance to go to that concert with my brother and see Jerry Garcia perform and so it was sad. I chose incorrectly. I, you know, being a little lazy there was not the right choice. I think the advice is to...well it's really two things. It's to live in the moment because it's so easy to have regrets about the past and to be worrying about the future and what you have to do or what can happen or how much time you have and to stay present to what you have right in-front of you right now. What I had in-front of me in that moment was an amazing opportunity to go spend time with my brother and go see an amazing band and because I was worrying about things that I needed to get done, I missed that opportunity.

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