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Practicing Impressions with Josh Ruben

Josh Ruben is an award-winning actor, writer, and director whose feature film SCARE ME - which he wrote, produced, directed & starred alongside Aya Cash and Chris Redd - debuted at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

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ZAK: When I need to laugh until it hurts. Like, keep over laugh, my go to source is this one episode of a podcast I like called, You Made it Weird.

JOSH RUBEN ON YOU MADE IT WEIRD: Well, the thing about life is one day you'll be dead. I don't know why it's an elephant at the end of everything I say...

ZAK: The guy doing the Robin Williams impression is Josh Ruben. And the guy laughing so much is the host of the show, Pete Holmes.

JOSH RUBEN ON YOU MADE IT WEIRD: Pete, come downstairs, it's bit time! That was Mrs. Doubtfire...

ZAK: You can even hear the engineer in the studio laughing. Laughs.

ZAK: This is me listening at home. Laughs.

ZAK: The interview is well over 90-minutes and a huge portion is just like this, Josh riffing on a bunch of impressions.

JOSH RUBEN ON YOU MADE IT WEIRD: My name is Leonard Lowe. PETE HOLMES ON YOUR MADE IT WEIRD: Is that the character from Awakenings? How did you pull that?

ZAK: We're gonna get to the advice, but first this is my favorite of Josh's impressions.

JOSH RUBEN ON YOU MADE IT WEIRD: Yeah, buddy. I'm pretty into photography, actually as an actor...

ZAK: Josh, the master impressionist, was kind enough to meet me on Zoom and give me some advice about how to do a good impression.

JOSH: The more specific the better. Broad ones stink. Look for that. The weird tongue, lip-smack, shifting of the weight, you know?

ZAK: And what do you think makes Jeff Bridges such a fun one to do?

JOSH: I think it's the musicality of his voice. Friendly, dopey golden retriever kind of quality about him. And from there, the fact that you can just say anything. Yeah, I hit another man with my It's just fun to do. Who doesn't love Jeff?

ZAK: Yeah, he's such a lovable guy. Buddy. Buddy.

JOSH: There ya go. Yeah. Buddy! If you catapult your underbite, you know, your lower mandible on the D, I think that's how to do it. Give it a try.

ZAK: Buddy. Buddy!

JOSH: Yeah. Buddy! It's almost like you're barfing out the D.

ZAK: Buddy!

JOSH: Yeah, there ya go. Yeah.

ZAK: He's just being nice. I've got a lot of work to do. Josh Ruben is an amazing impressionist. He's also the writer, director and star of the new terrifying and funny movie, Scare Me, is available on demand. And you might know Jeff Bridges was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. I'm sending lots of love his way today. Buddy. Buddy. I love you, buddy. Buddy. Buddy. As always, I want to hear your advice. Give me a call on the hotline at 844-935-BEST.

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