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Generating Energy with Lainey

Lainey is 7 years-old and a motivational speaker based in Michigan. To offer your own advice, call Zak @ 844-935-BEST


ZAK: My niece has been getting really into cooking. And the other day she made something she was really proud of.

LAINEY: A whole chicken. Like, it's not just chicken thighs or chicken nuggets. It's an entire chicken without the head.

ZAK: Right, the full chicken, minus the head. Yeah. Can you describe what you had to do to make it?

LAINEY: You need to take the giblets out of the chicken which is basically the insides of it. And you take some salt and you take some pepper and you put it over it. And then you can put some cut-up onions and carrots around it and then you can put some oil or butter on top. And then you just cook it for 70-minutes and that's literally all you do.

ZAK: What temperature did you do it on?

LAINEY: 400 degrees.

ZAK: Lainey's not here just to talk about chicken. She just sees cooking something kinda complex as a metaphor.

ZAK: With the chicken recipe you thought that it was gonna really difficult.

LAINEY: Yeah, we were about to make it and I kind of just was tired and I wanted to watch a show cause it was after school and then I did it and it was super fun and we ended up making a great meal and I just thought I should let everybody know this good tip.

ZAK: What do you think it is about us humans where we think about a task and we get so overwhelmed by it that we don't even try it?

LAINEY: Um, I think maybe you might even be tired. You probably are thinking in your head, I can't do that. If you just think about it and get it over with it could actually end up being super fun.

ZAK: Right, like, so often we feel like, I'm too tired to do this but once we actually do the thing it gives us this renewed burst of energy, huh?

LAINEY: Uh huh.

LAINEY: My name is Lainey. I am 7 years-old. Uncle Zak?

ZAK: Yeah?

LAINEY: I have a question. Should I say I'm 8 years-old just in case you post this during April?

ZAK: No, I'm gonna post it before.

LAINEY: Alright, great! I'm 7 years-old.

ZAK: Thanks for listening to another edition of Food Friday on The Best Advice Show. Is there a young person in your life who might want to offer some advice? I would love to hear it. I'd also love to hear your advice as always. As always, give me a call on the hotline at 844-935-BEST. If you're enjoying this show please consider sharing it with your friends and family. And also, leave a rating or review wherever you listen to podcasts. Talk to you soon.

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